Vehicle Details

Reference : RM/2008/019
Manufacturer Ref : 0000346700 
Model : R1200GS,R1200ST & R1200R
Launch Date : 12/06/2008
Numbers Involved : 1368
Build Start Date :
Build End Date :  

Recall Details

Description : It has been identified that, a combination of unfavourable tolerances can result in the brake lines being under strain. As a consequence, when the machine is being ridden the brake lines could develop leaks, thus allowing hydraulic fluid to escape. This will cause the level of the hydraulic fluid within the reservoir to fall, which if this goes unnoticed, can result in failure of the front brakes only.
Remedial Action : Recalled machines will be fitted with brakes lines which are significantly more resistant to the effects of vibration and strain. Additionally, have a geometry which allows for tolerances that ensure that the lines are not under strain in their installed positions.
Vehicle Id : ZS93191 to ZS99987
ZU58557 to ZU74318
ZS10261 to ZS24623

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