Vehicle Details

Reference : RM/2005/003
Manufacturer Ref :  
Model : VFR800-2 +3 VFR800A-2 +3 +4 + ST1300-2 ST1300A-2 +4 CBR1100 XX-2 + 3 + 4 XL1000V-2 + 3 + 4 + VA-4 GL1800A-2 + 3 +4
Launch Date : 11/07/2005
Numbers Involved : 8687
Build Start Date : 01/01/2002
Build End Date : 31/12/2002 

Recall Details

Description : It has been identified that on affected machines equipped with a CBS - combined braking system the height of the lip seal within the Proportional Control Valve (PCV) unit may be incorrect, which may result in brake fluid leakage. Should the machine be used in this condition, the rear brake may eventually become inoperative.
Remedial Action : Potentially affected machines will be recalled, inspected, and rectified if necessary using a countermeasure Proportional Control Valve.
Vehicle Id : JH2RC46A*2M403633 to JH2RC46A*2M406589
JH2RC46C*2M402118 to JH2RC46C*2M404613
JH2RC46A*4M600002 to JH2RC46A*4M601920
JH2RC46C*3M500001 to JH2RC46C*3M502743
JH2RC46A*3M500001 to JH2RC46A*3M504286
JH2SC51A*2M007062 to JH2SC51A*2M007068
JH2SC51C*2M000014 to JH2SC51C*2M001909
JH2SC35A*4M700001 to JH2SC35A*4M701984
JH2SC51A*4M200003 to JH2SC51A*4M202569
JH2SC35A*3M600001 to JH2SC35A*3M601468
JH2SC35A*2M502000 to JH2SC35A*2M504135
VTMSD02A02E100242 to VTMSD02A02E100301
VTMSD02A03E100002 to VTMSD02A03E100241
VTMSD02A04E100002 to VTMSD02A04E100181
VTMSD02C04E000001 to VTMSD02C04E000240
1HFSC47A34A300191 to 1HFSC47A54A301200
1HFSC47A43A200051 to 1HFSC47A23A200890
1HFSC47A72A101111 to 1HFSC47A72A101170

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