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Criteria : (MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS) for the date range 01/1/1980 to 01/1/2010
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Please note that certain recalls have the same reference number, but relate to different models/variants of the same manufacturer/vehicle.
# Launch DateRecalls NumberMakeModel(s)ConcernVIN StartVIN EndBuild StartBuild End
1 10/04/1996 R/1996/017 MERCEDES BENZ C202 inadvertent opening of bonnet Defect Details
After an impact that the driver may consider insignificant it is possible that the bonnet hook may be damaged and allow the bonnet to fly all the way open.
Various 01/01/1993 31/05/1995
2 27/04/2001 R/2000/102 MERCEDES BENZ 202 - C Class exhaust pipe may break Defect Details
There is a possibility that the end part of the exhaust pipe could break off at the welding seam to the rear of the muffler. Hot exhaust gases could in isolated cases cause the risk of substantial consequential heat damage in the rear region of the vehicle.
202120 to 202182 01/01/1993 31/12/1996
3 08/05/2001 R/2000/142 MERCEDES BENZ E Class, SL, S Class, C Class unintentional deployment of air bag Defect Details
Exposure to high humidity conditions may result in corrosion that can cause the drivers front air bag to deploy unintentionally.
01/09/1995 31/12/1996
4 19/09/2003 R/2003/146 MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS possible loss of steering control Defect Details
It is possible that the steering coupling at the union with the steering gear may not be correctly positioned and/or sufficiently torqued. This could lead to the steering gear becoming detached from the steering column with subsequent loss of steering control.
5 18/11/2003 R/2010/153 MERCEDES BENZ C - CLASS bonnet could open without warning Defect Details
It is possible that due to a previous minor collision which the driver may have considered insignificant the bonnet securing hook may have been damaged which could result in the opening of the bonnet if it has not been closed correctly.
6 09/01/2004 R/2003/185 MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS, E CLASS and CLK rear seat belts may not engage correctly Defect Details
Rear Seat Belt may not engage correctly
01/08/2003 01/10/2003
7 19/01/2006 R/2006/046 MERCEDES BENZ C, E AND S CLASS engine may revert to limp home mode Defect Details
The differential pressure sensor for the diesel particulate filter can fail due to contamination of the protective gel layer by exhaust gases. This will result in the car reverting to limp home mode [restricted engine speed].
8 11/12/2006 R/2006/183 MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS engine may cut out Defect Details
A fuse within an electronic control module may become loose. This can result in the vehicle failing to start. In the worst case the engine may cut out whilst the vehicle is being driven.
9 10/11/2008 R/2008/147 MERCEDES BENZ M-CLASS, SLK-CLASS, CLK-CLASS, E-CLASS, C-CLASS, R-CLASS & A-CLASS. engine emergency shut off, on board diagnosis or tank/speedo signal may be affected Defect Details
Possibility of transfer of incorrect control unit software which could affect engine shut off control in an emergency situation or the on board diagnosis system or tank/speedometer signal
01/01/2004 08/10/2008
10 17/11/2008 R/2008/149 MERCEDES BENZ M, C, CLK, E, CLS, S, R & G- CLASSES. engine could lose power. Defect Details
The electrical connection in the interior of the crankshaft sensors chip housing may be interrupted which may result in loss of power and the inability to restart engine
01/01/2006 31/12/2007
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